GiverUSA was established by a small group of people who found themselves frustrated by the current ways of giving to charities. They decided to bring donating to charities into the digital age ; to make it relevant and affordable to everyone, and make the process as easy as possible through the creation of the Giver app. The Giver app was created with the intent of doing all of these things and more. It is GiverUSA’s aim to create the most generous community on earth, a community across countries and cultures, a community where the only requirements are generosity and a desire to make a difference for as little as 10c a day, a community of givers.
The Giver App is available for the Apple iPhone and Android Platforms. You can access the Giver website from any device and operating system.

There are no hidden costs for using the app by the Donor or for the Charity.

Your donation is broken down like this:
  • Credit Card processing fee is 2.5% plus 10c are deducted from your donated amount.
  • 0.5% of our portion is allocated towards marketing and promotion of the app and, in turn, all charities on the Giver app. This is a vital part of the success and growth of Giver community and app.
  • 0.6% is utilized for app development and maintenance.
  • 5.5% is used for administration, wages and IT costs, which includes updating and maintaining the app (and creating a safe app for both users and charities), paying our employees and all other fixed business costs.

This enables a minimum of 93% of your donation (after credit card processing fees) to be given to your charity of choice. This is amongst the highest percentages returned to charities available. For further clarity see table below:

Donation Split between with Giver % Modification
DescriptionNegotiated Split AmountsExample 1Example 2Example 3Example 4
Donated Amount$3.00$5.00$10.00$25.00
Card Processing Fee2.5% + 10 cents$0.175$0.225$0.350$0.725
Giver USA Fee from available donation6.6%$0.198$0.330$0.660$1.650
Donation to Charity from available amount$2.627$4.445$8.990$22.625
% of Donation Amount after Card Processing Fee to Charity93.0%93.1%93.2%93.2%

The biggest benefit of donating through the app is the simple 4- click process that can be achieved anywhere, at any time, in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, it minimizes fees and overhead costs that are incurred by the organization you want to support.
GiverUSA has only recently launched November 2017 however it follows on from GiverAUS which was launched in late November 2015.
  • In app donations: Search by name to find a charity or cause that you want to support, and donate monthly for only $3 or once off for $5 or more. Do this all from your smartphone at anytime, anywhere in an expedient and almost instant manner.
  • Personalized unlike anything else: The Giver app personalizes your giving experience, with different visual rewards (stars), provided for each charity to be earned through giving. Furthermore, each user can always view these rewards at any time. Users can also earn stars through their ongoing support, which contributes to their overall star rating, a friendly way to decide amongst your friends who has been the most generous! Lastly, badges can be earned by donating to special fundraisers like the earthquake relief funds etc, and users will be able to view their collection of badges at any time, which shows how much they donated on what date and how much was raised by the Giver community.
  • A Trusted, Reliable and Safe Community: The Giver app provides a safe environment for users to find a charity or cause and give their support to them.
The charities on Giver have been qualified via a screening process and are all able to provide tax deductible receipts for donations received.
By registering with the Giver app you will become part of the Giver community an organization where you will be able to donate to a cause of your choice whenever and wherever you want for only $3 a month. You will also experience our reward and star systems. Furthermore, you will be able to donate to special fundraisers such as earthquake, bushfire relief funds or unique events when they arise.
When a user donates for the first time, you will need to enter your credit or debit card information, and then you are egible to donate. After this process is complete, you can donate to as many other charities or relief funds as you would like, without having to provide any more information. You can then select the style of payment, monthly or one off, and confirm the donation. The money is then processed overnight and transferred directly to the bank account of your chosen charity or cause (less the Giver commission). This transaction and your banking Information is entirely secure.
No. For security reasons, we need to know the donors name, phone number, and email.
Yes. When you provide your banking information you are supplying it via a secure token arrangement with our payment processing partner Heartland, the GiverUSA website and our staff never have access to your banking information.
There is a news feed and an ‘about us’ section for each charity on our app. If you still have any questions, feel free to visit the charity’s website.
You will receive a receipt at the end of the year from the charity(s) you have been supporting. If you have been supporting multiple charities you will receive receipts from each which may be utilized for tax reporting purposes.
This can be accomplished through accessing ‘settings’ in the main menu of the app.
No, your monthly donations will not stop unless you cancel the payment program.
This can be easily accomplished by accessing the charity page within the app and simply stop or change your donation.
Your password can be reset by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ link and then following the steps.