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My Charities

My Charities enables you to view the charities that you are currently donating to. You can allocate charities to the My Charities page by clicking the heart in the top right corner of a charity’s profile page. You can also allocate charities to My Charities by donating to them.

More Charities

More Charities enables you to search all the other available listed charities that aren’t in you’re My Charities page.

Special Fundraisers

You can view all the available limited time fundraising events or causes on the Special Fundraisers page.

Friends Added

Friends Added is where you can recruit friends to giver through Facebook or messenger. When they use the referral code that you sent them in their registration on the app, your number of friends recruited will increase.

Special Badges

Here you can view all the different Special Fundraisers that you have donated to in the past. When you donate to a Special Fundraiser, you will receive a unique badge that is always available for your viewing in the Special Badges page.

Your Achievements

Here you can see your star rating which is a combination of the stars you have earned for each of your chosen charities.

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